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Haworthia maculata var. intermedia (V. Poelln.) M.B. Bayer 

俗名:绿麦克菊 扁叶瓦苇

说明:这个品种实际上是一个中间类型(intermadiate type),也就是学名的意思,而且其仅仅分布在狭小的地区,现在一般认为这个变种可以取消掉。叶子翠绿色,细长、略直立,似乎和麦克菊(H.maculata)品种不同。花期比近似品种较迟。栽培上喜欢凉爽气候和排水良好的颗粒土壤。

Sources:  Buitenstekloof, between Robertson and Worcester(South Africa), ex JDV 86/108

Data:  (KA1879) This variety is found in the population at Buitenstekloof, one tiny locality, there which is on the shale. light-green leaves are quite smooth windowed and lines, but differs in narrow, pointed at the leaf tips. having a later flowering time.

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